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Our Services

The specialists of the Kelly Benefits Advisory team can help organizations of every size design and manage a retirement plan that suits both the company culture and the needs of the workforce while providing education and best practices regarding fiduciary standards.

Our services include:

Plan Design Assistance and Investment Consulting — We work to help our clients save time, control cost and help employees and clients maximize the value of their retirement plans. A partnership with Kelly Benefits Advisory helps employers support their employees’ to retire on time with independence and confidence. While doing so, we have the ability to act in either a 3(21) co-fiduciary or 3(38) full fiduciary role over the investments, ultimately providing your plan and plan fiduciaries with protection around the investment selections and monitoring process.


Compliance and Fiduciary Education — Our consultants actively review every aspect of your plan(s) through a com­prehensive fiduciary audit, and then educate you regarding potential compliance and risk mitigation strategies.

Administrative Support Services – We work to ensure you and your teams are operating with maximum efficiency in regards to the administration of the retirement plan. We will act as a liaison between service providers, support the completion of the annual 5500 and audit, as well as negotiate provider contracts, and assist with the RFP vendor evaluation and benchmarking processes for your plan.

Financial Wellness Program and Participant Education — Kelly Benefits Advisory offers a comprehensive Financial Wellness program which compiles data from your employees and then uses that information to create a customized communication and education program for your workforce.

Our goal is to serve both you and your employees, as our mission is for your employees to retire on time and to retire with dignity. If we can accomplish this, while simultaneously helping you to consistently offer an efficient and effective retirement program, then we consider the job well done.

  • Kelly Benefits Advisory: Focused Retirement Plan Consulting from an Independent Advisor

    Your need for competent, comprehensive retirement plan and investment advice – from a firm you can trust – has never been greater. Until recently, it was possible for many plan sponsors and employers to work with advisors on nearly any brokerage platform and fulfill their fiduciary obligations. That’s no longer the case. With the retirement industry becoming more complex and regulated, today’s plan sponsors need more specialized services, including:

    • Independent advice that will allow them to offer competitive retirement plans at a reasonable cost

    • Access to robust data to use in benchmarking plans and investment managers

    • More effective financial education programs for their employees

    • A strong fiduciary focus and education program for owners and retirement plan committees

    In these areas and more, your Kelly Benefits Advisory retirement plan advisor consistently sets the standard. Why? Our single-minded focus on improving retirement readiness for American workers seeks to ensure the continued positive retirement experience of our plan sponsor clients and employees alike.

  • Kelly Benefits Advisory is pleased to offer comprehensive retirement plan services that seek to assist employees by improving their retirement readiness—and help your organization attract and retain better workers. We are committed to providing what you and your employees deserve and expect—great financial education at enrollment and one-on-one meetings. Available to plan sponsors exclusively through our retirement plan-focused financial advisors, our single solution offers financial education and guidance tools for your workers while in-plan, when they become eligible to leave the plan, and after they leave the plan. Kelly Benefits Advisory creates highly effective participant outreach and enrollment programs, designed to increase financial literacy, participant rates and employee deferrals.

    Components of Education Program:

    • Annual Education Plan

    • Monitoring and Tracking Success of Education Plan

    • On-Site or Web-Based Enrollment Seminars

    • On-Site or Web-Based Investment Management Workshops

    • On-Site Individual Participant Consultations

    • Individual Participant Consultations by phone

    • Multi-lingual meetings and representatives

  • Fiduciary support helps limit risk in your plan.

    Unlike other advisors from traditional broker/dealers, a Kelly Benefits Advisory retirement plan advisor can assist employers in addressing ERISA fiduciary requirements, managing and monitoring investment lineups, education on plan design options, and regulatory issues.

    Our fiduciary support services include:

    • The ability to act in both a 3(21) co-fiduciary role, or 3(38) full fiduciary over the investments

    • Expediting the creation of Investment Policy Statements (IPS) and assistance in adhering to it

    • Monitoring of fund performance and managing the watchlist and replacement process

    • Participating in your investment committee meetings

    • Helping you prepare for annual audits

  • As a fiduciary, Kelly Benefits Advisory acts as an independent investment advisor to recommend and monitor investments that help seek growth while managing risks. Our co-fiduciary services help manage the burden placed on current plan fiduciaries by measuring your plan’s risk and cost benchmarks. Our prudent process begins with a review or assistance in developing your Investment Policy Statement.

    We believe a written investment policy is the only way to demonstrate a thoughtful process and make well-informed, prudent investment decisions. We help you develop your overall investment policy approach and create your Investment Policy Statement that describes the procedures and metrics used to manage the investment process.

  • Many retirement providers offer either fully or partially bundled plans.  At Kelly Benefits Advisory, we provide a “Best Practices” approach where the plan is designed specifically for a particular company, based on their individual needs.


    The advantages of Best Practices include:

    • Fiduciary risk management

    • A sound, prudent and defendable investment process

    • Independent investment advice

    • Total expense disclosure by providers

    • Flexibility to obtain the most appropriate plan

  • Kelly Benefits Advisory eases the burden of vendor negotiation and management. Kelly Benefits Advisory provides a comprehensive plan provider review and benchmarking, including in-depth comparisons of plan features and fee transparency. By benchmarking your plan we can compare the “true” costs of your plan against national norms and negotiate pricing with your existing provider. Through our experienced negotiation, we can often lower your total plan costs so that it becomes unnecessary to change plan providers.

    If you are dissatisfied with your existing plan and decide to change plan providers, we can assist you in the vendor selection process. Selecting the right record keeper can be a complicated and time-consuming process. You can leverage our knowledge and experience to alleviate that burden. We request custom request for proposals (RFPs), analyze responses and create easy to read executive summaries. After we match appropriate vendors to your organization’s needs and analyze vendor proposals, we give you our recommendation, negotiate the contract details, and help implement your plan. Since we do most of the work, our clients don’t have to.

  • Whether you are looking for a new fund to invest in or seeking advice on how to address your long-term goals, you can rely on Kelly Benefits Advisory to provide some important advantages.

    TRUST – To build enduring wealth, you must stick with the right approach through market performance. You can trust us to maintain disciplined strategies and rely on our approach to risk management.

    VALUE – We provide extremely personalized, comprehensive, tax-efficient, investment planning, managing and so much more in a cost effective approach.

    COMMITMENT – We are focused on our client’s objectives and confident that we’ll deliver what our clients are looking for:

    • Sensible, strategies for building wealth

    • A wide variety of investment options, including options for a sophisticated investor’s strategy, to those that would like to target a date of retirement and have the fund or service build the glidepath for them

    • Sophisticated services that simplify investing

    • And perhaps most important, integrity

    The real opportunity to achieve superior investment results lies not in scrambling to out-perform the market, but in establishing appropriate long-term strategies that will allow you to pursue your objectives with the least amount of risk.

Securities offered through LPL Financial, Member FINRA/SIPC.
Investment advisory services offered through Global Retirement Partners, LLC dba Kelly Benefits Advisory, an SEC registered investment advisor and separate entity from LPL Financial. The financial professionals associated with LPL Financial may discuss and/or transact business only with residents of the states in which they are properly registered or licensed. No offers may be made or accepted from any resident of any other state.

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